Diagnostic wax-up

A diagnostic wax-up is the most important tool in planning for a potential restoration. This step gives you a preview of the desired look, while also considering the functional aspect of the process of transforming a patient's smile. Summum Dental Laboratory has extensive expertise in wax-ups for full-mouth reconstructions.

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Inlays and Onlays

We can supply your practice with inlays and onlays, which are quick and easy ceramic restorations. We can also provide you with composite materials (ceramic and polymer) as needed. Thanks to our CAD/CAM systems and skilled technicians, you are guaranteed a high‑precision fit and shorter turnarounds, based on the needs of your practice.


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Fixed prostheses (bridges)

Using CAD/CAM technology, bridges are crafted from zirconia, non-precious and precious metals, and titanium. We also offer the possibility of pressing porcelain to a zirconia structure in specific cases. Being very familiar with zirconia, we are capable of producing monolithic zirconia bridges (up to two adjacent pontics) of any colour, with impressive degrees of characterization.

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e.max/Empress crowns

Ceramic restorations have proven effective in recent years. An e.max crown of course provides a higher level of opacity and strength (360 Mpa), while an Empress crown provides greater translucence and less strength (160 Mpa). Both materials can be used for veneers and leave you plenty of flexibility in terms of treatment options. Summum Dental Laboratory is perfectly at ease working with these materials and can help you achieve a natural, even smile.

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Zirconia crowns

Great strides have been made with zirconia in the last five years—more than with any other material. Historically known for being overly opaque, monolithic zirconia can now be used in several techniques that provide a more natural-looking translucence and remarkable strength (900 Mpa). Summum Dental Laboratory has gained undeniable expertise in manufacturing anterior zirconia crowns offering the possibility of custom characterization.

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PFM crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns are an excellent choice for patients with bruxism. This type of material is handy when crowns and bridges are used in conjunction with attachments and partials. We can also provide substructures made of precious or non-precious metals, or titanium. Over the years, these have proven highly effective and durable with this kind of fixed prosthesis.

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Full dentures

The advantage of full dentures is that they have no limits. Designed for totally edentulous patients, they can completely transform a person's appearance. Everything from vertical dimension and occlusion to soft-tissue support can be modified. With Summum Dental Laboratory, you can achieve an outstanding physical transformation thanks to a natural-looking design and wax-up.

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Zirconia and titanium abutments

Summum Dental Laboratory is equipped with the cutting-edge technology required for any implant-supported restoration work. Your abutments will be designed with a titanium base using precision software. We can also control abutment angulation for optimal esthetic results. These abutments now come in 3.0 mm and can withstand 30 Newtons of torque.

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Surgical guides

By sending us your DICOM files, we can plan for your next surgical procedure, establish positive lines of communication between you and our experts, and even create your surgical guide out of biocompatible materials. Rapid prototyping is done at our facilities, with quick turnarounds.

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Titanium implant bars

The specialized technicians from our implant department will design your titanium bars with CAD technology. Whether you need three or eight implants, you can count on us to make placement a cinch! Contact us for details about our warranty.

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Screw- or cement-retained crowns

Whatever technique you choose, we can give you all the assistance you need to understand the many implant systems on the market. By comparison with conventional design techniques, crowns that are screwed or cemented to a zirconia structure can be produced with unbeatable speed. With this solution, you get a fit that will make your job easier and optimize your chair time.

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All-on-4TM technique

At Summum Dental Laboratory, we have mastered the All-on-4 TM technique and can help you when you need a quick and effective solution for your patients. Contact us for details about our mobile unit that specializes in prosthesis conversion.

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All of the skeleton parts manufactured in the lab are created using CAD/CAM technology in order to achieve a flawless fit. We offer materials such as Vitallium, Vitallium Plus and titanium alloys as well. At Summum, we can handle all your design needs and personalize your settings, no matter what condition your patient is in.

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Mouth guards

When playing sports, your patient needs a sturdy mouth guard to protect that smile. Ours come in a wide variety of colours and can be customized with logos or text to ensure your total satisfaction.

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Bite splints

A bite splint is a must in many dentistry treatments. Summum Dental Laboratory can meet all your needs as it is highly flexible in its capacity to produce any of the models currently on the market. The durability of the Relev and semi-flexible splints we manufacture on-site will give you peace of mind when treating your patients. The new CAD/CAM techniques we use to produce bite splints with biocompatible materials offers a level of precision unrivalled by conventional methods.

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Retention appliances

Retainers are used to prevent teeth from moving following orthodontic treatment. They can also be used to keep children’s teeth in place before adult teeth come in. These appliances can be either removable or fixed. 

The Laboratory offers several types of retainers such as Hawley, clear retention appliances, Nance space maintainers, fixed lingual wires and unilateral space maintainers.

For further information on this type of product, please contact us at 450 679-5525 or info@labsummum.com.  

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Expansion appliances

Expansion appliances promote tooth movement and make it possible to correct arch width. These appliances can be either removable or fixed. Various accessories can be added, such as expansion screws and springs.

Summum Dental Laboratory offers several types of expansion appliances, such as Schwartz, Split Plate, Nord Cross Bite, split with butterfly screw, Hyrax with bands and Chastant.

For further information on this type of product, please contact us at 450 679-5525 or info@labsummum.com

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Progressive aligners

Summum Dental Laboratory is pleased to be able to offer high-quality progressive aligners. Made of light and extremely thin, transparent material, they are discrete and comfortable. Progressive aligners are custom made using impressions of the patient’s mouth. 

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Orthodontic model

With the arrival of digital impressions, Summum Dental Laboratory has become a leader in 3D printing. You can now send us your digital impression to obtain a printed model, be it for orthodontic treatments or simply a case analysis. Our systems are compatible with several intraoral scanner models. 

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In 2016, Summum Dental Laboratory acquired Laboratoire Orthodontique Laforest to round out its services, adding orthodontic appliances to its wide range of products.

All of your dental product supply needs can now be met under one roof. Nathalie Laforest, who is in charge of developing Summum’s orthodontic product line, is available to discuss the orthodontic solutions best adapted to the needs of your patients.

Colour chart

Discover the vast selection of colours available for all our acrylic appliances. We also offer the possibility of adding gold, silver or multicolour sparkles.

Your patients may also choose an image to further customize their appliance. 

Click here to dowload the colour chart

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